Five Pointers for Hiring the RIGHT Call Center Agents

Taking the time up front in the interview process can save you time, productivity and headaches later on down the line.

Here are five things to include in your vetting process to increase your odds of finding the right agents to put in your room:

  1. Always have 2 interviews.The first and second interviews will have decidedly different goals.

  2. In the first interview you will want to do a lot of the talking. Explain your company, the job and everything they should expect if you were to hire them. Answer any questions they have and get any and all questions you have from viewing their application or resume answered.  ** Liberally decide who to invite back for a second interview **
  3. The second interview is when you will want the candidate to do most of the talking.  Answer all the questions they have come up with from the first interview. Get them to open up and tell you more about them, their experience but more importantly about what matters to them and what they do with their free time.  GEt to know the personality.

  4. Have a short mock-call with an excerpt from a script in the first interview.  Just a greeting and one paragraph. You are mainly looking for how comfortable they are with it and that their reading skills are up to speed on the fly.

  5. In the second interview, a lengthier mock call that includes coaching should be done.  Present the prospect with a short script and include two objections and scripted responses. During the first read through mock call, present the objections in order that they are on the script. Wrap up the “call”.  Now give some coaching and feedback you would like to see them execute and go through the exercise again.  This time you should flip flop the objections.  You are looking for two things at this point.  One, do they implement the coaching well? Are they coachable?  Two, how to they deal with the switch up of the objections?  Does it throw them? Do they recover quickly and smoothly?

It is surprising how many call centers will hire someone without a script reading of any sort. I know of at least one occasion where an agent was hired and in training it was discovered that they could not read!  At all!!

Use these tools to not only help discover a candidate’s ability and how coachable they are but also how they will fit in or even elevate the culture of your room.