"More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace. The improvement in metrics, attrition, ESat and the bottom line are undeniable."  

~ Debi Mongan

                                "Just breathe."  

                                "Just breathe." 

About Debi

Debi Mongan is a tried and proven leader in the Call Center and Customer Service field with over 25 years experience.  She is an innovator and has excelled at managing call centers both inbound and outbound, handling sales and customer service. She has held call center management positions in the publishing, E-commerce, professional baseball and travel industries.  

Debi has had particular success with retention of agents and employee engagement, creating a culture in her call centers that is nurturing while tough, fun while productive and extremely employee-centric.  “Mamabear”, as her agents tend to call her cares about the people on both ends of the phone call and is dedicated to creating a positive experience for them both. 

She has crafted a way to help agents use mindfulness techniques to reduce stress in the call center and increase KPIs and Employee Satisfaction.   

Professionally, she served as Vice President on the Board of Directors for C.A.R.E., was on the Strategic Planning Committee for Travel Advantage Network and was Director of Operations for Maryland Baseball Telemarketing. Debi is also a certified Reiki practitioner and LOA Coach in the mindfulness field.  She is dedicated to combining these two worlds and helping Customer Service employees and their companies blossom.   In 2016, Debi was voted as one of the ICMI Top 50 Thought Leaders to follow on Twitter.