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2016 & 2017




Here's what people are saying about Debi

"Debi Mongan is inspirational. She is a critical thinker with a keen sense of people. She is a master of combining positive reinforcement, creativity and a sincere love to lead people to enhance personal and organizational performance. I have personally observed her amazing team building skills in action. With grace and strong leadership Debi incites hard work and extreme dedication which is ultimately beneficial to any organization, the employees involved and the customers they serve.

Debi recognizes it is all about putting action to words. She adds fun to the work force using memorable team building events and training drills that truly benefit the individual and the company they work for.  Building business becomes fun. Visions become reality and faith grows throughout the organization; ultimately elevating company branding and reputation.  I was so impressed with Debi I sought her advice for a business I was starting years after I had served on a trade association Board with her. I have seen Debi’s influence both as a cohort and as a competitor and I promise you, ...she will leave a high-water mark in your business and quite possibly your life." 

— Alain Carr, Founder, 3 Wise Monkeys, LLC

“One of a Kind” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Debi Mongan. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Debi for over ten years, during which we worked together at Travel Advantage Network in Millersville, MD. Above all, I have always been impressed with Debi’s ability to think outside the box and provide peaceful and professional resolutions. And, of course, her positive can do attitude! Debi’s customer service and managerial skill sets have inspired me as I am growing within my own career."

— Sherri Jolly, Training and Development Coordinator - MetaCoastal

“Debi was a trusted executive in our marketing department. She dramatically improved our call center efficiency in terms of individual agent productivity and process modifications. She continually pushed the limits of excellence, achieving and surpassing our expectations. We, at Premier, wish her the best and brightest future."

— Jamie Leidgen, President - Premier Marketing Group